Review of Big Shot Bob’s House of Wings

On Monday, March 11, the South Hills welcomed its first Big Shot Bob’s restaurant. Located on South Park Road, this chain that started in Avalon, Pa. has blossomed throughout the Pittsburgh area with locations in South Side, Carnegie, Butler and even down into the West Virginia panhandle.

Big Shot Bob’s specializes in wings with 64 different specialty flavors and 49 classic flavors. There is no doubt that they will have a flavor that sparks your interest. They also sell hoagies and other sandwiches.

Now as this is a review all the aspects of the eatery must be covered.

The location itself is prime being that it is on South Park Road, which is one of the busiest streets in Bethel Park. The only issue is parking. Their parking lot consists of about eight spots that are cramped in between BSB and Hometown Scooters, which is an auto and ATV retailer. If they were to stretch the parking more around the back, that would make it more visitor friendly.

The staff was incredibly nice and treated you as if you were family, which is a selling point in itself.

Overall, the food was fantastic but the experience needed some work.

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