Video Game Review: PS4’s Spider-Man captures essence of the web-slinging superhero

Spider-Man is an action-adventure game for PS4 that came out on September 7. It’s about a grown-up Peter Parker trying to make it through his life as a web-slinging superhero. He works for Dr. Otto Octavius at Octavius Industries helping make working prosthetics. In the game, you swing through New York City and fight various villains and criminals while also helping out the NYPD with different scientific tasks, like fixing radio signal towers and even searching for lost high school backpacks around the city.

Overall Opinion: It’s a great game with an excellent story. It’s a nice change seeing Peter grown up from the high school student we’re all used to. It doesn’t completely follow just one timeline either. There have been three different Spider-Man adaptations and the game takes bits and pieces from all of them.

Fighting Opinion: The game has three different mode options for how you play the game: Friendly (easy), Amazing (medium) and Spectacular (hard). Friendly mode is more story than fighting, Amazing mode is a mix of both story and fighting, and Spectacular mode is mostly fighting.

Story Opinion: The story is the best part of the game. You get to see the characters you know and love interacting with one another, and you learn more about each of them. Not to mention you can’t have a Marvel story without a Stan Lee cameo.

It’s a fantastic game, 10/10. If you like Spider-Man and action, you’ll love this.