Upcoming video game release mash up

Chris Geikler, Staff Writer

Well, due to college related matters, I haven’t been able to play any games to review, so let’s take a quick look at some games that we can expect to see in the upcoming months. (Please keep in mind that all these comments are based on my first looks at game, and don’t actually reflect my own opinions.)

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

-One of the few Nintendo franchises that I still enjoy is getting its next release on the Wii U. I guess I have to put my hands up on this one, the Wii U finally has something going for it. So, to all three of the people who bought a Wii U, I hope it was worth it.

MLB 14: The Show

-Honestly, what can I say? It’s a baseball game. You hit the ball, you run the bases, you catch the ball, you pitch the ball. We’re not exactly breaking new ground with this one.


-As you may know, Destiny is a game by Bungie software, best known for the Halo franchise. Halo is a science-fiction, shooter game set in the future, and has you run around, gunning down a bunch of hostile aliens, while Destiny appears to be a science-fiction, shooter game set in the future, and has you run around, gunning down a bunch of hostile aliens… Stick to what you know, I guess.

Minecraft for the Xbox one and PS4

-A “next gen” version of the popular computer game, Minecraft. Maybe the “next gen” console release will be able to keep up with the more regular updates and expansions.

Watch Dogs

-Now, this one I’m looking forward to. A realistic open world environment is always a good start, and the game-play looks innovative enough. The only worry is that any attempts at a story will be run-of-the-mill and boring, but even that doesn’t seem to be a game breaker.

Kingdom Hearts 3

-Maybe this one will explain the connection between the Disney characters and the Square Enix characters.

Dying Light

-Looks like Mirrors Edge mixed with Dead Island, and you know what? I’m completely ok with this… Seriously. It’s influences might be obvious, but it looks like a really good idea to combine the parkour/freerunning elements with the zombie RPG elements.

Mirrors Edge 2

-Speaking of which, Dice finally announced  a sequel to Mirrors Edge, the free running, parkour  game released back in 2008! When can we expect it again? 2016?… ok…

Final Fantasy XV

-I just don’t get these games. There’s been at least 14 of them thus far, none of them seeming to have anything to do with the last one, with the exception of the one’s that did well enough to earn enough of a continuation for Square Enix to tack on an extra number i.e. Final Fantasy X-2. Anyway, the new one looks particularly angsty. I’d recommend most of my peers to take a look at it.

Stronghold Crusader

-It looks like this game has everything I like about real-time strategy games. Simple and strait forward… well I guess as “strait forward” as a real-time strategy game can get.

Alright, I have to end this article somewhere, so that’s all you’re getting from me. Obviously, I could’ve gone into detail about the less hyped games, but I thought I’d focus on the more popular choices. So, there you have it… That’s it… Go play a game for yourself and formulate your own opinion for once.

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