Top 5 Super Bowl LIII commercials

5.) Coke (Together Commercial)- This year’s Coca-Cola commercial was very touching. This commercial focused on the differences of others and how together we are beautiful. #TogetherIsBeautiful

4.) Walmart- The Walmart commercial touched the hearts of all ages. The commercial focused on the cars of our childhoods, such as The Mystery Machine, Bumble Bee, and even The Batmobile.

3.) NFL 100 years– To celebrate the NFL’s one-hundredth anniversary, they got some of the best players and former players of the league together in one room. But no matter if they’re still on a team or not, there’s still a big rivalry between teams.

2.) Jeep– Jeep this year took our National Anthem and added a little flair. Jeep had OneRepublic sing the first and last verse of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but during the rest of the song, they showed pictures that went along with the song itself. And thanking the heroes of our country along the way.

1.) The Washington Post- The best commercial of the 2019 Super Bowl is made by The Washington Post. The commercial shows some of the most important news events throughout history. It shows the people who have risked their lives to give us the news, and who have paid the price to give people the news they deserve.

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