When you graduate high school, do you become an adult?

Amber Schnupp, Staff Writer

It’s a timeless question, when do you become an adult?

To me, the answer is when you turn 18 and graduate high school.

I feel that one becomes an adult at this point in their lives because legally you are.

You can legally vote when you turn 18. That is a very big deal. You are now an active member in your nation and its politics. You have the chance to shape your nation and participate in your government. Whether you vote or not, your choice has impacted something.

When you graduate high school, technically you can be done with school. A lot of people may go on straight into the work force. While it is not required, some people may go to college. The key point is that it is not required and it is their choice.

It is also important to note they can serve in the military. It is important because serving in the military is a big deal. Of course it is an honorable thing and I have respect for the people that do it, but it does not change that they are doing something very dangerous with their lives. They could possibly die or come into great physical harm.

That is their decision though. That is another thing that makes you an adult. You can make every choice for yourself. You can buy your own house, car, open a credit card, etc. Those are all very big steps in someone’s life and you can do them all at 18. Well, all except one.

Many people when asked what they think the age you become an adult is, they would respond with 21 years old.

21 is when a person is legally allowed to start drinking. This of course is truly the last barrier one has before they truly have full control of their life.

To some this may be a reason to look at the adult age as 21 and not 18, but to me this brings on an entirely different question. Why is the age 21, why not 18?

To me the age for legal drinking does not make sense. If at 18 it is my choice to become an adult and do “adult” things, I should be allowed to make the choice if I want to drink or not. After all, I am allowed to do things like own a gun or join the army.

I am not saying that the only solution is to lower the age, but I do think it is an issue that there seems to be such a double standard. I can make many choices at 18 that make me feel like an adult, yet to some people I may not be viewed as such.

I think with all of the choices and paths we can take at 18, we have in fact become adults. It is hard to deny that our lives are changing and I think we need to be aware of that.

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