Trump is the President, it’s time for the protests to stop

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

It’s been over 80 days since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States and over 10 days since he took the Oath of Office, but people are still continuing to protest and riot.

I’m not sure if the protesters realize this, but the only thing excessive protesting and forming riots will do is get you maced and thrown out of the venue for being too much of a disturbance.

But that childish and rowdy behavior deserves to have punishments such as extent of having to use pepper spray, tear gas, batons, flash grenades, and rubber bullets.

Some people may think those tactics may be a little extreme, but they seem to be the only way to calm down or even stop a huge riot.

It is unacceptable to have people protesting against President Trump saying, “Trump will destroy America,” when they are doing it themselves time after time maybe without realizing it.

Multiple times since the ongoing Trump and Hillary feud, there have been a large number of riots all across America.

Protesters and rioters have been destroying buildings, cars, property, and even the guards trying to calm down the situation and put other bystanders out of danger.

Trump will be governing America for many years and people need to either learn to live with it, or move out of the country if they are unhappy.

But most importantly, people need to realize that if they think Trump will destroy our country, then they should stop adding to the destruction and stop the pointless protests.

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