Poor sportsmanship makes everyone a loser

Russell Finelsen, Staff Writer, Assistant Editor

Many people are excited after they win a game. They are also sad after losing a game. But, one should not be a sore loser or winner. If you are the sore winner, you make the loser feel bad with your bragging and such. It also happens the other away, if you are the sore loser and you make the winner feel bad. This is an epidemic, and it effects us from now through college to our adult life.

The Rose Bowl, played on New Years Day in Pasadena, California, was more like a comedy show than a football game. In the first ever playoff game in the College Football Playoff, #2 Oregon scored 27 points off five opposing turnovers in the third quarter to pull away and win over #3 Florida State, 59-20. But, the events after the game were all but funny.

After the game, announcers Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler were both flabbergasted and disappointed after many Florida State players did not go to midfield to shake hands. Herbstreit estimated that “…70% of the Florida State team [was] in the locker room [after the end of the game].” This is extremely sad, as it did that most of the team could not take the loss like men. In addition, they did not have the courage to go to midfield to shake the hands of Oregon’s players. This shows that the Florida State Seminoles, or at least a majority of them, were exhibiting the behavior of a sore loser and poor sportsmanship.

However, this unsportsmanlike behavior was also shown by the winners, the Oregon Ducks. After the game, several Oregon players did the Florida State tomahawk, all while saying “No means no!” in tune to the Florida State theme song, “Warhawk.” This was in reference to the sexual allegations against Florida State quarterback, Jameis Winston. This is also sad, because the winners embarrassed the opposing team, showing that they also exhibit behavior of poor sportsmanship

Poor sportsmanship can be shown by anyone, and it is not a good thing. It makes the victim feel bad. In addition, this feeling can be shown by both winners and losers. However, when one is affected by this negative influence, it makes everyone feel like they lost mentally.

To see the Florida State squad leaving the field without shaking hands, click here.