Are mobile games the new money vacuum?

Russell Finelsen, Staff Writer

We spend money on a lot of stuff. Toys, books, clothing. But, not many people with smartphones realize where a lot of their money is going. Well, I can tell you folks: it’s the games.

Many games give you unbeatable levels or a limited amount of tries and are like, “Here! Give us money for two more lives!” Take Candy Crush for example. An all-popular game, it only gives you one or two tries for a level before you can’t try anymore for that day. However, you can always buy more tries, and that is the trap.

Game makers rely on people falling to desperation, addiction, or any other word you would like to call it. Then, they give you just what you want so you can beat the level and some others. Unfortunately, it comes at a price, and people don’t give a second thought before tapping ‘Yes’. Off this method (and others), Candy Crush has made almost $2 billion! That’s right, with a capital B!

So, when you go into that menu to get more tokens, lives, or whatever there is, think a second before giving these companies one more reason to give them your wallets!

Photo by: MeLY30 via Flickr cc Candy Crush has made 1.8 billion dollars, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.