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‘Unfriended’: a scary movie with a valuable lesson

Ellie McGregor, Staff Writer

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Unfriended isn’t just another scary movie, as it teaches a critical lesson about the effects of cyberbullying.

It’s about a girl named Laura who kills herself after a video of her getting heavily drunk was posted to YouTube.

She comes back to haunt her friends Blaire, Val, Adam, Mitch, Ken and Jess over Skype. Laura plays a game with the group. It’s called “Never Have I Ever.”

So, if you’re looking to watch an atypical horror movie, Unfriended is it.

The next time you go on social media, be careful what you post because if you don’t, it could come back to haunt you.

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Ellie McGregor, Staff Writer

Ellie McGregor. You may have seen her in the halls prancing around. But what you may not have known that she enjoys helping people.

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‘Unfriended’: a scary movie with a valuable lesson