Review: Panic! At the Disco’s “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time”

Joanna White, Staff Writer

On May 10th, the band Panic! At the Disco released the official video to the song “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time” from the new album: Death of A Bachelor. 

The 3 minute and 44 minute video has been viewed over 3,942,380 times and has amassed 149,795 likes in comparison to the 2,398 dislikes. Thus, the video is pretty popular.

The video basically begins with a young but attractive woman preparing to go out. Then, it follows the woman from a first person perspective as she leaves her home before cutting to a club where she meets a man, who is played by Panic! At the Disco’s main singer, Brendon Urie.

The two get along well enough, before heading off to the dance floor. Once there, Urie’s character gets the shock of his life, the attractive woman he is dancing with sprouts an octopus leg. The man flees in fear before getting corralled back into the woman’s clutches where he drinks himself into oblivion before she drags him home.

There, the woman traps Urie upstairs, revealing herself  to be some sort of monster before promptly killing and devouring Urie. The next morning, the woman wakes up and goes through her routine before going to the mirror revealing that the monster took over Urie’s body. The monster doesn’t really seem perturbed before calling an Uber and heading back out to the same club to continue to cycle of luring in people and then devouring them.

The video was definitely different. Maybe not the different most were hoping for, but it definitely fit within the uniqueness and the oddity that is Panic! At the Disco.

Despite the video’s quirkiness, the song and the video both work together well making a music video that is something more the a song about twerking. When speaking about the title, “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time,” the video shows how multiple people are lured in with the promise of a good time: be it sex or simply companionship. And, at the end when the monster finally consumes Urie’s body, you see that they’ve been successfully lured in with the promise of having fun.

Thus, the video was a good video, despite the lack of Brendon Urie wearing high heels and a slightly creepy moment when the monster finally devours Urie. So, if you feel inclined, you should definitely watch the video and listen to the song for it is a song that you will not forget.

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