The student news of Bethel Park High School.

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2016-2017 Staff

Alex Mullen

Staff Writer

Alex Mullen is the man!

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Kara Brunner

Staff Writer

Kara Ashley Brunner is a junior at BPHS and this is her second year taking journalism. Kara runs cross country and track. She has been running since the 6th grade and loves every moment of it. Her favorite running experienc...

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Ellie McGregor

Staff Writer

Ellie McGregor. You may have seen her in the halls prancing around. But what you may not have known that she enjoys helping people. When Ellie is older, she hopes to either become a writer or a child care worker. But for now,...

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Stephanie Kroll

Staff Writer

Were you ever walking through the halls, and passed by a girl with long blond hair and black Vans? If so, you probably passed by Sophomore Stephanie Kroll. You might know who she is from newspaper club, and read her reviews...

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Madi Welker

Staff Writer

Madi Welker is a freshman at BPHS and in her first year writing for the student newspaper. Madi wants to pursue a career in Forsenic Science. In fact, her favorite subject in school is science. Even though her favorite...

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Regan Gray

Staff Writer

Who’s that snazzy clarinetist walking through those mind-numbing school halls, with not only a grin but a wide piano smile? Well, probably not a smile, but you get the point. You know her name, it’s Regan Gray! She’s ...

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Mikayla Haglund

Staff Writer

When you see a girl walking the halls with Worry less, live more written on her hand, it must be Mikayla Haglund. Mikayla is a junior whose favorite class is Psychology. In fact, Mikayla said, "I want to be a counselor of some ...

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Kayla Dell

Staff Writer

The lights are bright. The stadium is filled. The Marching Band, Bethettes, and Majorettes are ready to perform. On a typical fall Friday night, this--the football field--is where you’ll find junior Kayla Dell. Kayla is happily...

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Rachel Craven

Staff Writer

Have you ever seen a girl with a pixie cut walking around school? There's only one person that it could be, freshman Rachel Craven. Rachel is a new addition to the newspaper this year and she certainly has a lot to offer. Rachel...

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Lizzy Partsch

Staff Writer

You may have seen that small, aggressive, yet energetic sophomore walking down the halls singing religious music.  Is Lizzy Partsch the first name that comes to your mind?  If it is then you’d be right! You may know that...

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Morgan McGrath

Staff Writer

Probably spotted on the football field during a Friday night football game halftime show, or on the softball field working for a win, is Morgan McGrath-- a tall, blonde, fun-loving girl with a passion for music and journalism....

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Megan Fedkoe

Staff Writer

Have you seen a runner around the track or campus?  It may be the captain of the cross country team, senior Megan Fedkoe. In addition to cross country, Megan is a member of NHS and PACS.  Her busy life is filled with practices, races, her boy ...

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Natalie Coccagno

Staff Writer

“In the end, we’re all fighting to be the best economy. We fight each other while we’re trying to be the best, but in the end, we’re all trying to get America’s economy all the way up. Then, we become number one,” ...

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Greydon Tomkowitz


Junior Greydon Tomkowitz is the current Editor-in-Chief of Hawk Eye, a position he has served in for two years.   Greydon joined the newspaper staff as a freshman, where he designed and published the first ever print edition...

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Kayte Zeiler

Staff Writer

  Who's that girl that loves baby animals and Pharell the musician? That's Kayte Zeiler, a junior at Bethel Park High School. Kayte Zeiler is an athletic girl, being on the varsity lacrosse team and the varsity vol...

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The student news of Bethel Park High School.